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February 2009



Last month Chair Massage Biz addressed niche marketing to help us focus your time marketing to groups you enjoy. Once we determined which markets we want to target we have to figure out HOW to reach them. This month we focus on that scary word: SALES

Grab your favorite beverage, have a seat and enjoy the read.

Marketing to our Target Market AKA – Sales

It is important to get out there and get our message across to the decision makers in your target markets. You have a wonderfully beneficial service and everyone should know about it.

If you want to generate your own business it's up to you to get the word out there and build relationships that produce sales for you.

For many people this is the most difficult step. The thought of 'selling' sends many people running under the covers. Sales can be offensive, aggressive and obnoxious but it shouldn't be and when done well, is extremely rewarding both in relationship building and your bank account.

Selling is not the process of convincing someone to buy something they don't want or need. Selling is a process of demonstrating that you have a service that will solve a problem. As well, YOU are the person with the expertise to deliver that service with integrity and dependability. Of course you have to deliver on all counts!

Once you've chosen your target market, make a list of the problems that market has that you can solve with chair massage. Let's say your niche market is employees at corporations.

In a corporate environment, first, you have to find out who is in charge of the Human Resource Department or the Health Department. Many large corporations have budgets allocated to Health and Wellness. Some are looking for innovative ways to spend these budgets. You can simply find out by calling and asking - Yes, it is that simple. Sometimes you will be redirected more than once. Rest assured, persistence pays off! Don't give up.

Problem - Stress is costing the company money due to:
Stress related illness
Lack of productivity due to fatigue, sore muscles, headaches, etc.
Negative working environment from overworked staff who need a break

Solution - Regular chair massage session will address these problems:
Massage reduces stress
Eases aching muscles
Healthy staff work smarter and are more productive
Massage creates goodwill and everyone is always happier
Happy, healthy staff get along better

Once you know who to speak with, what their work problems are and how you can help solve some of them, you need to communicate with them.

Here's a step by step on how to communicate with the decision maker:
Write a letter - If you don't know how to write one - buy one.
Follow up with a phone call. Be prepared, write a script or buy one.
Ask for an appointment, 15 minutes, keep it short, people are very busy.
Ask them questions about what they need, what solutions have they tried to deal with their problem areas, what worked, what didn't, why?
Follow up and create a relationship with person you're dealing with.

Get in the door or on the phone and don't be nervous. You are there to learn about what problems they need addressed and maybe you are the solution! It is truly a wonderful experience to meet someone new who has a problem and to find out that you can help.

Remember - you are a trained professional with a truly beneficial service.

You are not selling; you are educating people to help them make their lives better and easier.

See you next month with more valuable chair massage business information.

All the best!

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