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Chair massage is a rewarding career

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Welcome Chair Massage or On Site Massage Professionals

Chair Massage Biz is your premier source of information to find everything you need to know to ensure the success of your chair massage business.

Every month Chair Massage Biz publishes newsletters to our subscribers that cover the topics chair massage professionals are looking for. How do we know that? Because you tell us! Click here to continue to provide us with topics you want to know about.

In the coming months we will be offering complete and easy to understand custom e-courses that will provide you with the information you need to succeed in your chair massage business. Our e-courses are based on the questions, concerns and challenges that face chair massage professionals from all over the world. Each e-course has been professionally developed and is easy to understand.

e-Courses will answer specific questions and challenges, while providing real life proven tools. You'll get marketing techniques, sales letters, telephone scripts, follow up techniques, and many other successful formulas proven to be successful year after year.

With the right tools and information, your chair massage business can be successful too!

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