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Chair massage is a rewarding career

Submit your chair massage marketing tips.

Submit your chair massage business tips.

Welcome Massage Therapists & Massage Professionals

No doubt you've seen and probably experienced chair massage. Have you realized how to use chair massage to help you build the practice of your dreams?

Chair massage is the easiest and most effective way to get your hands on large groups of people with minimal cost and maximum results. You know that you only need people to experience your massage in order for them to consider booking an appointment with you!

Chair massage provides you with a cost effective marketing strategy to get your massage and name out to large groups of people in all kinds of markets and environments. Every chair massage you provide, can provide you with income and the opportunity to turn the chair massage experience into a regular massage or massage therapy client.

As marketing and chair massage professionals with years of experience building a successful chair massage business, we're here to help you incorporate the same within your massage therapy practice. Learning the business skills to create the practice of your dreams was certainly not the focus of your studies in your massage school. Building your practice into your dream practice can be a long and frustrating process. You know your massage skills are terrific, now it's time to get the word out about how you help people, to a larger audience that is ready to experience your massage and hear your message.

Our chair massage products and e-courses will provide you with the information you need to use chair massage to help you build the massage therapy practice of your dreams:

Effective marketing strategies
How to increase your bookings
How to generate new clients
Manage your time to be effective and efficient

Chair Massage Biz is your premier source of information for everything you need to know to successfully use chair massage to help build that massage therapy practice of your dreams.

Every month Chair Massage Biz publishes newsletters for our subscribers that cover the topics massage professionals are looking for – namely simple, cost effective ways to increase your income.

In the coming months we will be offering concise and easy to understand custom e-courses that provide you with the information you need to succeed in business.

Our e-courses are based on the questions, concerns and challenges that face massage professionals from all over the world. Each course has been designed by a well-known chair massage practitioner who has been running a successful chair massage company in Canada for over 10 years.

Each course will answer specific questions and challenges, while providing real life tools that have been proven successful for over 10 years.

For the first time ever we're making available marketing techniques, sales letters, phone scripts and follow up techniques from one of the top chair massage companies in Canada. You'll be provided successful formulas that have been proven year after year, providing your chair massage business with the right tools and information to be successful.

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"Chair Massage Biz" FREE Newsletter

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Upcoming e-Courses

Niche Marketing Kits

You've chosen your markets and now you need the sales letters, telephone scripts, how to create your marketing materials and how to successfully follow up. Each kit is designed to speak to the decision makers in individual markets. Speaking their language and answering their needs is integral to getting the job. Discover the tools you need to reach your target markets.

Let us know which markets you want to see first. We will roll these out in the order according to your votes. To cast your vote please click here and select " " from the drop-down menu. Then let us know the market or markets in order of importance you want to learn how to successfully sell to:

Golf tournaments
trade shows
corporate environments
health and wellness
retail environments
specialized parties
corporate events
event planning industries

Writing Techniques

Writing sales letters can be a nightmare but not if you have a formula and set of examples.


You've got the deal! Congratulations! Now you need a solid contract to ensure you have all the bases covered. Our contracts package will provide you with real life examples of contracts you need to seal the deal with clients, staff and suppliers.

101 Successful Marketing Techniques

We want to hear your success stories. You've had breakthrough moments and we are compiling your stories from all over. Send us your successful marketing strategy and if we use your example, this e-course will be yours for free.

How to Run a Successful Trade Show Booth

It's expensive to have a booth at a trade show. This trade show e-course will take you step by step through the process of negotiation, pre show preparation, how to run the booth properly to ensure success and post show follow up techniques.

"Chair Massage Biz" FREE Newsletter

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Upcoming Articles

Chair Massage Jobs

Here we'll examine massage employment and job options in the industry. We will look at what qualities people are looking for in subcontractors. We'll profile successful chair massage professionals so you can discover exactly how they do it.

Chair Massage Techniques

Learning how to massage in massage chairs can be difficult if you've been trained in classical or Swedish massage. Give a massage in the most efficient way by following our massage tips.

Chair Massage Schools

Find out where to get the best chair massage training, whether you are just starting your chair massage or a massage therapist with years of training looking for continuing education credits. You'll find massage therapist schools and other organizations that offer workshops, classes, and chair massage certification.

Chair Massage Videos and Books

We'll review a small but growing number of chair massage videos and chair massage books that are finding their way out onto the shelves. The good, the bad, and the ugly. You'll find them all here.

Chair Massage Research

There are a small number of research studies available specifically on the effects and benefits of chair massage. You'll be able to look through the abstracts here.

Chair Massage Articles

The media loves massage and you'll find numerous chair massage articles here.

Subscribe to the Free Chair Massage Business newsletter and we'll notify you as these resources become available.

"Chair Massage Business" FREE Newsletter

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