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Chair massage is a rewarding career

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What can you expect?

You'll find extensive chair massage reviews of portable massage chairs for massage therapists.

You'll find out where to get training or chair massage certification and how to pick the best chair massage schools or workshops. If you prefer learning massage on your own, we'll review chair massage videos and books as they become available. We'll even teach you some great chair massage techniques that not only feel good, but that are stress free on your body.

If you are interested in seated massage as a business, you'll find out about the range of possibilities for doing on-site massage and great chair massage marketing tips for setting up corporate chair massage jobs, whether that's corporate on site massage, event massage or massage in retail environments.

You'll find lots of other goodies including chair massage research and media articles.

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Upcoming Articles

Chair Massage Jobs

Here we'll examine massage therapy employment and job options in the industry. We will look at what qualities people are looking for in subcontractors. We'll profile successful chair massage professionals so you can discover exactly how they do it.

Chair Massage Techniques

Learning how to massage in massage chairs can be difficult if you've been trained in classical or Swedish massage. Give a massage in the most efficient way by following our massage tips.

Chair Massage Schools

Find out where to get the best chair massage training, whether you are just starting your chair massage or a massage therapist with years of training looking for continuing education credits. You'll find massage therapist schools and other organizations that offer workshops, classes, and chair massage certification.

Chair Massage Videos and Books

We'll review a small but growing number of chair massage videos and chair massage books that are finding their way out onto the shelves. The good, the bad, and the ugly. You'll find them all here. Chair Massage Research ??There are a small number of research studies available specifically on the effects and benefits of chair massage. You'll be able to look through the abstracts here.

Chair Massage Articles

The media loves massage and you'll find numerous chair massage articles here. Subscribe to the Free Chair Massage Business newsletter and we'll notify you as these resources become available.

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"Chair Massage Business" FREE Newsletter

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